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A step-by-step Ph.D. training program to help you reprogram your mind to be confident, energized and motivated. 

3 signs you need to rewire your mindset

with PhD Pilot Academy

You struggle with low confidence, excessive worrying, stress and/or anxiety and you are often demotivated in your Ph.D. journey.

You often feel like you are pretending to know what you are doing and you are afraid to be revealed as someone who doesn’t deserve to be a Ph.D. student.

You are often working in ‘survival mode’ and you often feel guilt or shame for not doing or being enough.



With PhD Pilot Academy you will learn how to confidently obtain your Ph.D. degree through an easy-to-follow 8-week program specifically designed to rebuild confidence and obtain a healthy balance between body and mind

If you join PhD Pilot Academy you will...

  • feel that your stress and anxiety is gradually decreasing throughout the 8-week program

  • feel an increase in energy, motivation and joy

  • become confident and comfortable with showing up authentically 

  • become emotionally robust

  • see yourself making major weekly progress on a personal and professional level

  • get the courage to step out of your comfort zone

  • stop worrying about what people think of you

  • go from worrying about the past or future to staying calm in the present

  • overcome procrastination and perfectionism and get things done

  • get a healthy relationship with your free-time

Exactly how it works

Mental Reprogramming


We will take you on a life-changing journey focusing on rewiring your mindset leading to increased confidence, peace, motivation and joy. The mental reprogramming consists of lessons, tools and exercises supported by neuroscientific studies. The fuel of the reprogramming is your commitment.


 8 weeks of customized training


We have designed a proven easy-to-follow 8-week online training containing lessons backed up by science, actionable tools and exercises,  which will be released 1 week at a time. From Day 1 you will get access to tools to implement right away. The program requires 1-4 hours of your time a week

 Supportive Community


By joining the PhD Pilot Academy family you will get lifetime access to a unique community of like-minded students who are going (or already did go) through the same journey. This community is here to inspire, motivate and support you.   

Program format

Each week consists of audio lessons, exercises and additional tools


Week 1

Understand the fundamentals of stress. What is it and how can we overcome it?


Week 4

The first week on identifying what is holding you back. This week's focus will be on fears.


Week 7

The second week on reprogramming your mind. The focus will be on installing new and healthier 'programs' in your brain.

Week 2

A deep-dive into worrying. Why do we worry and how can we overcome it?


Week 5

The second week on identifying what is holding you back. This week's focus will be on defining how your mind is currently programmed.


Week 8

Get comfortable with taking action.

Week 3

Get clear on your problems and goals.


Week 6

The first week on reprogramming your mind. The focus will be on creating new and healthier 'programs' in your brain.




Besides the 8-week program, you will get access to a big library of valuable tools on time management, procrastination, planning, efficiency, and much more!


 ...you really want to obtain your PhD degree but you are stuck and need help


...you are committed and ready to change 


...you want to learn how to overcome self-doubt and stress, and want to feel motivated, confident and worthy in your PhD journey

...you are willing to take responsibility for the changes you desire

...you are willing to invest time, energy and financial resources in yourself and your health



... you are not willing to invest time, energy and financial resources in yourself and your health 


...you don't mind going through your PhD journey feeling exhausted, demotivated and stressed


...you are looking for a quick-fix to overcome your struggles 


...you don't want to take responsibility to become who you desire


...you are not committed or willing to take the required action to change 

Meet Diana Zina

Hi! I am Diana Zina and I founded PhD Pilot because of one thing: I know how it is to be you! And I also know that being you is not easy. I started as a Ph.D. student in December 2015 at Copenhagen University, Denmark, within the field of structural biology. I remember getting chosen among many other applicants and one thought that came within the first months was "I couldn't possibly be the best. I guess I had a lucky day. They will find out soon that they hired the wrong one. Wow, I really fooled them". 


Crazy, right? Well, it might sound crazy, but I actually believed in it. Not only the first months but I spend a lot of energy trying to not get 'revealed' for how incompetent I actually was. That's at least how I was thinking. And these thoughts led to increased stress, anxiety, and a lot of worries about the future.


One of my biggest worries throughout my Ph.D. was my defence. Mostly because I knew that there would be a jury. And how could I possibly hide my incompetency in front of a jury consisting of senior specialists within a field similar to mine? You can't imagine how many times I have been dreaming about that day (where I forgot the PowerPoint/didn't practice at all/failed badly...you name it). In January 2020 I defended my Ph.D. successfully. Without being revealed as an incompetent Ph.D. student. Without failing. 


Since that January I decided that I wanted to become the person I needed myself during my Ph.D.. Therefore I have been specializing in effective coaching methods to support, help and mentor Ph.D. students who feel like they are not good enough. You are good enough and I can help you reach your fullest potential as a Ph.D. student and help you to start enjoying your journey, based on, not only my own experience as a PhD student, but training as a mindset coach.  


Coaching and mentoring is my biggest passion, and my mission is to make you achieve your doctoral degree while thriving


All Access


Full payment

2 x $299.5

Break up the payment over two months

Life-time access to the full program (+any future updates & bonuses)

Access to a unique supportive community

3 x $199.7

Break up the payment over three months