Your PhD Journey Doesn't Have To Be Painful

The secret to overcoming the pressure and lack of support in the academic environment is not to use brute force and thrust more sweat and tears into it. It’s by taking a step back, resetting your entire approach and way of thinking (and feeling). The PhD Pilot Academy has put this process into a formula.

Image by Nazym Jumadilova

At PhD Pilot we train and equip PhD students to get back on top of their PhD journey. 

We are not teaching you “how to read 50% faster” and squeeze every last drop of energy out of you.

We are deep diving and dealing with the root causes of your


by inverting your mindset. 

PhD Pilot Academy is for you if you...

…feel like you are mostly pretending to know what you are doing and are afraid to be revealed as someone who doesn’t deserve to be a PhD student


…struggle with low confidence, stress and/or anxiety in your PhD journey


…struggle with procrastination


…often feel demotivated about your PhD 


…often experience a feeling of guilt or shame


…struggle with keeping up with the knowledge of your co-workers


…feel like you should work more and harder than you do


…feel like your accomplishments and successes are because of luck or external factors


…are afraid of failing


…often work in a ‘survival mode’


…are lost in your working tasks


…feel anxious about being in the spotlight and giving presentations


…struggle with overthinking certain scenarios and imagining the worst


…are experiencing that your energy level drops quickly during a working day


…lack support


…are often doubting your abilities to finish and obtaining your doctoral degree


…are often convinced that quitting is your only option

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